MindBlown: Evolution

Revolutionising Leadership Training with Transformational Immersive Experiences

Embark on an exhilarating leadership development journey that educates with activities crafted by world leaders in behavioural group dynamics – blending best practice from leading immersive events, escape rooms, and the latest in technology.

Our activities have been designed from the ground up to specifically meet Learning and Development goals – addressing real business challenges, including:

  • Fostering effective communication & collaboration across your teams, departments, and global locations
  • Breaking down silo thinking within your organisation
  • Encouraging staff to surface business (and personal) issues with honesty and confidence
  • Successful adaptation and pivoting
  • Embracing new perspectives and conquering fears
  • Creating environments that encourage freedom to experiment, learn from failure, reflect, and adapt

The above is seamlessly integrated into a delivery that is both rewarding and enjoyable. We don’t use mundane PowerPoint presentations. Extensive research proves that immersion in activities is the key to effective learning and long-term retention.

Our game-like environments provide the perfect platform for every participant to experiment, make mistakes, reflect, and apply newfound knowledge. Learning becomes an engaging experience. Our learning sticks. Your team will be having fun, fully immersed, and discovering personal development insights that endure.

In-Person Offerings

Our diverse array of activities encompasses a wide range of options, spanning from quick 15-minute icebreakers to extended games that unfold over the course of several hours, days, or months.

Our delivery options are flexible, and we can provide our activities in the following ways:

  • A comprehensive leadership development journey: to equip your leaders with everything they need – to transform leadership capacity, inspire and change mindsets, and drive the shifts desired to your organisational culture.
  • One or two-day development programmes: to complement action-learning and reinforce key leadership skills and principles.
  • Standalone components: These activities can seamlessly integrate into your existing development program, adding value and engagement.

Our delivery track record includes successful L&D programmes into large blue-chip corporations and small thriving start-ups. All our experiences are designed to be easily transportable, giving you the flexibility to choose whether you’d like us to bring these transformative experiences to your office or arrange offsite events at remarkable locations. Your development needs, regardless of your company’s size or structure, are at the heart of our approach.

Leadership Journeys / Full Development Programmes:

The Quest for Collective Intelligence, created by MindBlown and Living Systems

MindBlown regularly partners with carefully selected global leaders in Group Dynamics to build integrated development programmes that are specifically tailored to global corporates.

See www.QuestForCollectiveIntelligence.com, and the QCI Programme Overview and Structure, for examples of some of our L&D collaborations – designed and delivered into global corporates such as Netflix and many leading global fintechs.

MindBlown’s standalone/off-the-shelf components include:

  • “Escape from MindBlown Mansion” [90 mins to 5 hours] – our ground-breaking Leadership Development game has NASDAQ listed-companies giving it their top approval. This experience includes hundreds of individual games and requires participants to work collaboratively in managing complex and shifting priorities. [Leadership / Communication / Collaborating / Strategizing / Pivoting / Adapting / Balancing]
  • Canyon Bridge Construction” [1 hour to 2.5 hours] – Teams plan, design and build a construction project to transport a variety of items across a crevasse, balancing a budget for purchase of construction materials from a limited and price-sensitive supply. [Planning / Brainstorming / Building / Communicating / Adapting / Time Management]
  • “Fear’s Edge” [1 hour] – As teams step into the unknown, they’ll find themselves diving headfirst into a spine-tingling Virtual Reality simulation, designed to exploit natural human fears. Participants can draw on support from more confident teammates. Although the strength of the VR simulation is palpable, players remain safe at all times. [Courage / Teamwork / Encouragement / Honesty / Overcoming Fears]
  • “Cell Breakout” [15 mins] – This 2-part icebreaker challenge finds teammates trapped in individual cells, isolated from fellow players. Through sharing critical items and information with adjacent prisoners, they’ll break free to face the final challenge. [Collaborative Problem-Solving / Effective Communication]
  • “Prisoner’s Dilemma” [15 mins (+several iterations possible)] – teams can build trust or tear it down and risk it all for personal glory. [Collaboration / Teamwork]

Online Offering

Interactive Collaborative Online Strategy Game for Leadership and Management Development

An exciting facilitated multiplayer collaboration game designed purposely to enhance communication and working with others through execution of collaborative management strategies. Enjoyed by leaders at Deloitte, PwC, Coca-Cola, Motorola, Marsh, HSBC, and Uber. Participants mine for scarce resources, developing a strategy to withstand natural and political events as they trade resources on the open market. Our ever-present and dedicated facilitators provide individuals with a full debrief of performance after each round. [Communication, Collaboration, Strategizing, Understanding perspectives of others]

Each round requires a minimum of 8 players (with no upper limit – participants can play with 100s of people online simultaneously). Each participant can join online from any remote location – working seamlessly with the rest of their team who may be spread anywhere across the globe.

3 hours (for Round 1) – including a full facilitator debrief. With unlimited optional subsequent rounds lasting approximately 1.5 hours.